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Welcome to Bobbybarthel.com. This is where the people who cared about Robert Barthel come to rejoice and reminisce about his life. Bobby was taken away from us on August 25, 2002 due to a tragic incident. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have known Bobby has experienced a great loss of a legend. Rather than being grief-stricken about his passing, this site was created as a place to share stories, poems, listen to music, or participate in a discussion about Bobby.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Demetrius Pinder (the webmaster of this site). I encourage everyone to pass the word around about this site to anyone who knew Bobby or to anyone who wants to learn about him. About the site: this site requires Internet Explorer 5+ and Macromedia Flash Player 6. As you can see, there is a MP3 player at the bottom of the page, for some viewers, you may not see the songs being displayed, if you are experiencing this problem, please refresh this page (press F5 as soon as you read this part). If you still can not scroll through the music list, please load this page: www.bobbybarthel.com/flashmusic.txt, press refresh (or F5) and go back to the site. If this doesn't work (this works about 95% of the time), you may have to clean out your temporary internet files (if you need help doing this, please go to the contact page and email me). Viewers on dial-up connections (56.k) can also participate in listening to music, but must be patient for your connection will take time to download the song. For an idea on the progression of the download, I included a percentage meter for the song. If you don't want to wait around for the songs, you always have the option of stopping the music.

If you want to submit a poem, a story, or request a song, please direct your email to the contact page. Also, any suggestions, comments or concerns should be directed to the contact page.

I hope you enjoy Bobbybarthel.com.

God bless,

Demetrius Pinder