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When Bobby was about 2-2 1/2 and he was living w/us due to their house burning down. I came home from work and found him on the roof of the car just playing w/his brother having a grand ole time w/out a care in the world. During the same time, I turn the corner into the hallway at my parents house and here were these 2 beautiful boys. Bobby was walking toward me w/a smile on his face. And his brother, Jason, was right behind him w/a basin w/water in and he just about had it dumped on top of Bobby's head! Talk about getting caught in the act! Bobby would have had no idea what happened to him! When my father was sick. We would have massessaid at the house. of course we were all upset and crying. I can see that little boy sitting on his mother's lap, wiping her tears and asking her, "Mommy, why are you frying." Such a sweet boy. He was maybe 3.I think at the same time on 2 different occasions I saw Bobby watching movies. One of them was Pinocchio. And it was the scene were I think all of the clocks start chiming and play a little tune. Bobby sat on the bed. And acted out every toot, peep-peep, honk honk there was. The other movie was the "The Wizard of Oz." The scene were the tornado hits and Dorothy's house was flying around in the air and Dorothy was rolling around on her bed. While Bobby was rolling around on the bed crying out, "Aunt Em, Aunt Em come save me, come save me!!" In my room I had a shelf above my bed where I kept special glass collectibles. One day I noticed they were all messed up and some knock down. So being that I LOVE dusting (LOL) I got up on my bed. And there was the evidence!!! 8 finger prints and 5 toe prints!!! I can't even tell u to this day how that little monkey boy hoisted himself up their. We use to say he had webbed feet! This brings me to Uncle George and my visit to their Boyton Beach home: Bobby and Jason loved showing us how the 2 of them could use their arms and legs to scale the inside of any doorway! Not only that but Bobby could hug the wall and climb up it! One day Uncle George was doing chest lifts w/Bobby and counting 1, 2, ..... until he felt. Putttttttt. We both look up and see that Uncle George lifted him up right into the ceiling fan!!! He brought Bobby down and we were checking him out. As Bobby rubbed his head, he precede to blame it on Jason!! What a boy!! While we were there on visit, so came Bobby's Barthel grandparents. The boys loved this and grandma was good to them. Giving them ice cream cones. One day Bobby got bored w/the ice cream and decide to try it another way. He smushed on 1 cheek, then the other cheek, then his little nose. (Have a picture of this w/try to scan) I'll stop here and continue, seems I could go on all night!
-Aunt Dee

CHS HOMECOMING -My junior year, his senior year-i went to his homecoming. i remember that he kept leaving me to say "hi" to people, but he made sure that one of his friends(I forget who), was my "bodyguard"-he'd block people from getting within 5 feet of me! and rob was happy when he got back lol :) NEW YEARS EVE PARTIES -Rob came to 2 of my new years eve parties while we were together. The second one-in his senior year, i remember him wrestling around with Mike Murray and was so funny! And then at night we would sleep right next to eachother all night and he would carress my jawline cuz he knew that would put me to sleep. But he made sure to take my camera and take random pictures of people in the dark-we wont get into what he caught people doing! lol BUS -My bus would always stop at the beginning of Harmony Woods, so i would "happen" to get off there, where he'd be waiting in the Beretta(before it was multi-colored!) and i remember straining my neck to see if the car was waiting for me every day, and if it was-id get right off and hang out with him until he would take me home (well, to the end of my block so my mom wouldnt know that i was in the car with him! lol) We had a few close calls THE CLOSE CALL -One day i got off at Rob's house and he came to my house, my parents weren't home and wouldnt be until later that evening. So we hung out until like 6pm and then he left. i went upstairs to get on the computer and then there was a knock at the door. It was Rob...he told me that he locked his keys in the car!!! So we went to get a hanger or something and NOTHING worked! (mind u it was mid february)We were knocking on people's doors and everything asking for a "Jimmy". We finally gave up and he called his parents and they had to drive all the way to my house to give him the spare key. Two minutes after he drove off my dad came home...whew-close call!! BLUE/GOLD -I would go to his house before the volleyball game at my school and we would hang out and play basketball at his friend's house until i had to me,him,ashlee and becca got in the car and i treated everyone to----McDONALDS! lol-i knew he would LOVE that! JULY 8TH -I was working at Rita's Water Ice at the time, and so he visited me and brought along Erin and Lauren..they got water ice and we would go on the bench outside and spend "quality time together" lol. He always made fun of the guy that i worked with! lol. It was craziness. Then he went home-it turns out that night he fought w/stanley...but they eventually made up! :) SWEET 16 PARTY -i had a sweet 16 party outside with a dj and everything on my bday. rob showed up with a dozen red roses with a card saying "I'll love you forever". I remember how much he didnt wanna dance-but he knew how much it meant to me to dance with him to "Happy birthday sweet 16"...and so we danced to it-and it was something that ill never forget-i even have it on videotape. i havent gotten the guts to watch it again yet-but someday i will. And that night everyone spent the night at my house, but people were so loud and awake really late-and Rob got angry and cranky and went upstairs. so i bitched everyone out and got nicknamed the "birthday bitch" by my friend. but i went upstairs to be with Rob and we watched the sun rise together that morning in the kitchen. ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY -We celebrated by going to the Italian Bistro-when they used to have one in the mall. I gave him a watch. (he loved it of course) and he finished my eggplant parmesean b/c i couldn't lol. PHONE CONVERSATIONS -When we were going out we would always be on the phone together...he has so many lil nicknames for me! I wont mention them all though lol. Every night we would race to see who said "sweet dreams, dream of me" first. He'd usually win cuz he cheated! We'd also have times of silence so id say"so whatcha wanna talk about?" and he would say"i dunna what u wanna talk about?" and then id say "how much you love me" and he'd sarcastically say "Not very much-y" and id say "I figured that" lol. But we would talk for hours on end and love every minute of it! TALK SHOW -After we broke up we still would talk and i remember us agreeing that at some point in our future if we ever lost contact (unlikely but still)...that we would be the kinda people that would call Ricki Lake or Montel and get reunited. So we always said that we'd know if a talk show called-we know who wants to reunite! lol CLOSE COP CALL -Well, i wont give too many details cuz he'll hate me. But one time we parked in a parking lot (no reason, just enjoying the scenery lol) and all of a sudden we saw headlights behind us. at first we thought that they would leave. but they didnt-it was the CO-PO!!! so rob got outta the car(cuz i happened to be in the driver seat even though i didnt have a license) so we could leave. the cop asked him what his name was and how old he was. Rob told him very politely. then the cop told him to get back into the car. I guess he was running the plates or something cuz it took forever for him to come up to us. he shined the flashlight into the car and looked around, saw me in the drivers seat-kinda um..deshelveled-and asked me these exact words, "are you alright ma'am?!" haha-like Rob was hurting me or something?! i was like "yeah...before you got here i was fine!!" hahaha-that was the funniest time ever!!! FRIENDLY'S VISIT/CAR CRASH -In April i got into a car crash on my way to school. Bob (Rob's dad) saw me on the side of the road and asked me if i was okay. i knew at that moment that i would get a call from Rob that night...and sure enough i did. he was so worried that i was hurt and even though i told him that i was fine, he made sure he came to my work a few days later to see for himself that i was okay and he brought me a slice of strawberry cheesecake from Applebee's. He always cared about me and we still loved eachother till the day that he died-and we both knew that. He always let me know-no matter how bad things got-that he'll always love me with all his heart,always. That really comforts me now...cuz ill always love him too.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was movin to Middletown and my apartment was completely empty but a couch and a table in the middle of my living room. It was the Friday nite before that dreaded day. I had to work Saturday morning at 9 so Michele and I deciede we were gonna spend one more nite in my apartment before I moved to Middletown. I was online talkin to Reichs (Chris) and he told me that my dad had hooked up my old cavi the way I wanted it. I was so mad, why I don't know but I was, so I called Bobby and he told me not to go over there to come pick him up and he would go over there with me. So we went over to my dads and I saw my car and we went back to my apartment. At about 12:00am we get a phone call from Reichs, he wants to come over. So Reichs drives over to my apartment. Michele went to bed in the other room and it was just Bobby, Reichs and Me. The three of us sat up all nite and talked about old times. Bobby and Reichs talked about the one time they were in the championship baseball game against each other and Bobby ran and Reichs threw him out to get the final out. All Reichs kept sayin was why did you run Bobby. Bobby never answered his question he just said I don't know man. Later on that nite at about 2 Nicole called Bobby and wanted to come over but couldn't. Reichs ended up talking to her till 3 am. Reichs called everyone in Bobbys phone because he was bored. Meanwhile Bobby was havin fun punchin my pillow. My pillow case was a power puff girls pillow case and he always made fun of me for it and would always punch it and throw it across the room. That nite I don't think we got any sleep. Then in the mornin Reichs took Bobby home. And that was the last time I saw Bobby. Then there was the time that Bobby came and picked me up at 11 pm and took me to Wendy's, we pulled up to the drive thru and his window wouldn't go down. His window would never go down. He always had to open his door and talk and then go up to the window and open the door again to get our food. It was so funny but so cute at the same time. I used to always make fun of him because of it. Later that nite he went to pick up Reichs and bring him back to my apartment and Reichs thought there was a bunch of guys following him in a car behind him. All Reichs kept sayin was "we got these guys" "Im serouis yo we got these guys" Those are the moments I will always remember Bobby by. Its not the same without him here but he would want us all to go on and let his memory live. I don't think there is one bad thing that I could even imagine rememberin Bobby by. He was a saint sent from above and was needed in a better place. Bobby was put on this earth to help everyone and when his time was up he was needed to help out the big man upstairs. Just always remember this isn't goodbye forever its goodbye for now. We'll see you soon Bobby, all of us Bobby we had sum good memories the three of us. Reichs and I are gonna miss you and we promise to make more good memories for you. We know that you are lookin down on us and protecting us from harm. Watch over us Bobby and make sure we are safe. We love you Bobby and We miss you every day.
Love, Rachel and Chris

Bobby: I was only lucky enough to meet you twice in person; however, I had heard so many stories about you and the rest of your family that I felt like I had known everyone for years. You impressed me immediately with your actions and antics - playing basketball with your younger cousins, holding the babies while they slept, and laughing with us "older" people as we gave you a hard time and watched you blush. A sense of humor like yours is hard to find. You're the kind of guy a mom would like to see dating her daughter (even tho I know some of the funny things you've done)! The trip to meet you all is something I will always cherish. A family is a wonderful thing to have and you are ALL so blessed to have each other, even if the time we are granted is too short. God sends angels to earth every day. When their purpose is fulfilled, He calls them home to be with Him. I don't know what your purpose was - it could have been for a number of things, or for only one. And I am sure that you accomplished whatever you were sent to do. You will be deeply missed by your family, your friends, and everyone who knew you. I will always remember you.

those of you that know me know that i am all about playin ball. so one week i told all the guys in the caucasian invasion (our basketball team it was bobbert, me, kenny, kevin, and jon)that we were going to get up early on saturday and go play ball. of course none of the other guys wanted to get up early on their saturday to sleep in so they all complained but we ended up going anyway.we stopped at a gas station to get some snacks for breakfast and since none of the guys were relly awake yet Bobbert suggested that they get coffee. kenny got a cup and so did I. we got back into the car and about halfway down the road we pulled up to a red light. as we sat at the red light i looked over at BObbert who was driving and he had this glimmer in his eye. he was looking in the rear view mirror at kenny holding his cup of coffeee on his knee. he leaned over to me and whispered \"hold onto your cup\" so i didn\'t ask questions and held on to my cup. as soon as the light turned green Bobbert screamed \"ooooh hot nuts\" and by the time kenny pulled his head up from his chest Rob slammed on the gas causing all the steaming coffee in the cup to spill into kennys lap. i don\'[t think i have ever laughed that hard in my entire life. the look on kennys face was priceless.
-Chris Sloan

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